how can there be heaven or hell

With all the science and tech we have now a days why is there no proof that heaven or hell exist. When talking to many spirits they say there is no heaven or hell if there was why would they still be here they are stuck here they cannot leave some do not want to leave some go back to the place they died some go back to be with family a place where they know everyone to keep them safe. The ones that have been evil in the real world return to the place that they were evil or even if they were in jail they will go back there that’s all they know, there is no time on the other side there is nothing you are a ball that bounces to where you want to go. when your evil your pissed that you are dead and you want to make the living pay for what they have done to you so you find someplace to haunt. suicide you stay where it happen you cant leave you get mad and try to hurt people that are trying to get rid of you. I have an issue with people that do commit suicide there stories never make sense to me i’ve sat in places where people have done this and they will not speak nor will they manifest in front of me but i know they are there and they know how i feel i can ask questions to my hearts content and no answer sometime you cannot make a spirit come around or speak no matter what you do no matter what you want. the evil ones will come if provoked and they can become very evil they do not realize how strong that they have become. demonic ones are the ones that i have only dealt with once and the reason for this is its the only one that would communicate with me and what he said was scary as hell I can remember it like yesterday he told me what he did in the real life and what he planed to do in the after life i stopped that one real quick. But some more info on me growing up we have a family farm so you know what i did most of my days my parents farm has been in the family for many years and i have come to believe that there is some kind of pull or something that has happened to this farm. there has been many many tragic things that has happened here and anyone that says that lightning only hits once in one place is full of crap. The barn has been rebuild 6 times due to fire that was from lightning the one fire took my brothers life before him there where 17 deaths related to lightning and fire. About 4 and a half years ago living with my parents the house burnt to the ground losing everything we all got out which was all that mattered but everything is gone. The old house that burnt had many ghosts in it my great grandfather and great grandmother great uncles great aunts all died in the house i can still remember telling my dad for the first time that i kept hearing a man talking to me he told me i was crazy and go cut the grass but it never stopped it kept on going. there was a winding stair case that was in the house and my parents put up some pictures that i had taken of many thing about 230 in the morning all the pictures were pulled off the wall and thrown down the stairs this telling me that my great grandfather did not like them there. They were thrown and the nails pulled out of the wall you cant tell me that something did not do this for my parents slept downstairs and i slept upstairs and we were all asleep when this went on. The barn has very very evil spirits in there my uncle walked in to feed the cows one day by himself no one else was there and had a pitch fork thrown at it and it just missed him one of my other uncles was almost killed when he had something tie a rope around his legs and was pushed out of the hay mow myself i found it really hard to go and work down there they would not leave me alone it was like having bully’s that follow you everywhere but these ones kept telling me we are going to kill you over and over again that’s when i found out that my brother who had past finally exposed himself to me and helped me and hes been with me every since. you can not convince me that there is a heaven or hell because the spirits or ghosts or demonic or what ever you want to call them why is there so many of them if there was someplace for them to go??? until tomorrow

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Yes I really do

I can remember way back to when I was little, I had imaginary friends but mine where really there. I could see them I could talk to them, now that I’m older I can still see them and whom ever wants to manifest in front of me. They can talk but sometime its hard because they take all of my energy to do this. When we were looking for houses to purchase there was 3 that I could not even go into that the feeling of just being at the door was so much sadness that I could not go in. There was this one house we looked at and it belonged to a church its where the minister and his family lived. I walked in the door and they all rushed to me trying to talk to me all at once. Sometimes I have to tell them no but I do listen its just really hard. Going into the basement is the one reason that we did not purchase the house there was an evil spirit that was down there that would not leave me alone, he just kept breathing on my neck, he would not manifest in front of me would not say a word just kept breathing. Which was the hugest sign we were not buying this house, laundry room was down there. But I do have one spirit that does follow me everyplace that I go more of a protector. When I was 2 my brother died a horrible death he was in a fire and never made it out. Hes been with me ever since that day, When I tell people that I can really see the dead they laugh they never believe me. With this blog I’m going to try and get people to understand that there is life after death and that I can communicate with them if they want to with me. Some are just souls that do not want to be bothered really do to the fact they do not know they are really dead. The ones that really bother me are the angry ones the ones who want to cause trouble. Many times I have been threw this and I do have pics and videos to prove all of this but that is in time to come. For now I will leave you with that until tomorrow.

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For the past 3 weeks every morning that I wake there is always someone in my face and I’m not talking about someone here in the real world but someone from the other side. which usually scares the crap out of me. Or now they have gotten to the point where they push me out of bed any wheres from 2 in the morning to 6 in the morning. They don’t want anything i think its there way of saying I’m here pay attention to me, our house alone has over 30 ghosts in it that just walk around and do nothing if they were any kind of threat they would be gone. The night that my grandfather passed on he came to me and told me he was gone to not to worry that everything would be alright and that I had to fight to let people know that yes there is life after death. Many people out there do not believe me when I tell them you have someone following you they look at me like I’m crazy. Its so hard to tell people that something is there when they wont listen. I was at a friends house the one day and I kept getting this feeling like I was being watched I asked my friend if there was anything weird that happened in the house she said no not that I know. As I was sitting there a man appeared in front of me and sat on the coffee table staring at me as if he knew that I could see him. Now most of the time I don’t get scared but for some reason I got this feeling that he did not want me there. He looked like he was from the 1800′s with the outfit that he was wearing but never said a word. What was I to do I did not want to freak out my friend she has never believed in ghosts for anything about the other side. It got to the point that I had to leave he kept getting closer to me as if I was invading his area come to find out that the house was built back in the 1800′s and he was the one who built it well after that night my friend and her family started to have bad things happen to them. my friends father was pushed down the stairs her mother was blocked from entering the basement could not get passed the door which myself must have been a good thing it got so bad that they ended up moving and still to this day they still don’t believe me when I tell them what it was yet again laughed at. I’ve gotten to the point where I just dont say anything anymore for the fact of being laughed at. so im trying the next best thing im going to sit here and show my pictures my videos and the conversations that i have with them but its hard for us to do when no one believes you so im going to sit here and try to explain to people who dont believe or even believe that you really dont die after death you are still here just trying to figure out for yourself what to do. Im hoping that this blog will help me get the word out that they are real. That people will stop laughing at me.

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